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|-Eotyrannus lengi
|-?Iliosuchus incognitus
|-?Itemirus medullaris
|-?Siamotyrannus isanensis
|-?Stokesosaurus clevelandi
|-?Tonouchisaurus mongoliensis
      |-Alectrosaurus olseni
      |-?Chingkankousaurus fragilis
            |-Alioramus remotus
               |-Albertosaurus sarcophagus
               |-Albertosaurus grandis
               |-Gorgosaurus libratus
                     |-Daspletosaurus torosus
                     |-Jenghizkhan bataar
                     |-Tarbosaurus efremovi
                     |-?Tarbosaurus lanpingensis
                     |-?Tarbosaurus luanchuanensis
                     |-Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex is the definitely best known of all dinosaurs.
It was known for being the king of predators, untill Spinosaurus and
Carcharodontosaurs came along, with their 2 and 3 extra metres.
Tyrannosaurids lost their 3 finger at an early stage, and their hands shrank to a
ridicolously tiny size. In contrary their skull is huge in propotion to the body,
especially compared with other equal sized Theropods.
If a tyrannosaurid didn't manage to kill a prey with the bite, it sure knocked it
right down on the ground, with no problem. Robert Bakker has even suggested that
tyrannosaurids knocked and puched their heads, allmost like a musk ox.

Lately, the best known tyrannosaurid, has be to Sue. First was the discovery of Sue,
the biggest, and most complete tyrannosaur skeleton ever found. Then came the FBI
and closed down the whole thing, due to some indian reservation misunderstandings.
In the end McDonalds and Disney saved the day by buying out the skeleton, for the
paleontologist to examine it.




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